In Biden's first 18 months with Democrat control of Congress, their  actions and the knee jerk reaction to progressive pressures now have America and Americans suffering—and it will get worse—before it gets better.  Each line of this recap could be an entire paragraph (or chapter of a book) about how smiling Joe Biden,  came out of this basement and made a mess of American prosperity is 18 months. 
    1. A summer of crime and shootings the summer are legacy of his Democrat/Progressive mistakes last year(s).
    2. Inflation is at 8.6% heading to 10% and nothing Biden and the Fed can do about it.
    3. Gas is at $5/gal, diesel is higher—industry’s fuel. Biden caused it shutting down US energy. No fuel cost relief in sight.
    4. Recession is right around the corner, but Biden doesn’t know what to do about it. (Don’t cause it by flagrant spending.)
    5. The Stock Market is in free fall, reflecting lack of confidence in everything Biden & the Dems have brought on.
    6. The Housing bubble is about to burst from over-inflation and over-valued properties.
    7. Immigration is a huge disaster allowing countless undocumented and questionable immigrants hurtir ng Americans.
    8. Democrats and try to distract attention with Jan. 6 Hearing “Show:” but it is a "red herring" at most, albeit a sad one.
    9. Where’s the prime time special on the Afghanistan bail out fiasco?
    10. Ukraine needed big (weapons) help to avoid being overwhelmed by Putin’s deadly killers, but Biden bumbled & did little.
    11. China hates the US support of Taiwan, and is a threat, but with its own struggling economy
    12. Iranian nuke deal stinks worse than ever, but being exposed now—an Obama-Biden carryover.
    13. Kim Jong Un is still dangerous, a petulant, insecure leader in N. Korea
    14. Threats to SCOTUS Justices because of leaks about Roe V. Wade plans. Awful.
    15. Biden brags about his robust economy; its only rebounding from the damage of Covid.
    16. Biden had NO plan for Covid—he did Trump started—Warp Speed—vaccines & meds in record time.
    17. Millions of jobs remain unfilled and twice as many Americans not filling them. Bidenomics killed the will to work.  
    18. Supply chains are still messed up, and now the whiplash effect of "too much, too late" is strangling retail. (e.g., Target).
    19. Shortages of 2-3-4nm chips are crippling growth in equipment and products, relief is far off. No foresight?
    20. America would like to go "bacK to work,” but not commute to offices with $5+/gal gas and middle-management oversight.
    21. What is Liz Cheney doing—more harm than good? Whose side is she on? (Her own?)
    22. Even the Magic Kingdom is "not so magic,” as turnover turmoil ripples through its ranks.
    23. Even replacing Biden is no answer because Kamala is "waiting in the wings” with NO IDEA what to do (except laugh).
Democrats and their Progressive and “woke" mistakes are even causing Biden to complain.  Joe Biden didn’t learn the Blame Game well enough from Barack Obama, and he is not articulate enough to use it anyway. 
Just watch and listen to the blame game and excuses. It’s no wonder Biden’s approval ratings are at record lows.
Let’s hope the US is unified and strong enough to retake the Congress in 2022, and decide on a good candidate for President in 2024 (other than  Trump or Biden).
Best, John


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